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About FascinAsian

Film Festival

The FascinAsian Film Festival is a culturally specific film festival based in the Prairie region of Canada. The festival celebrates Asian contributions to the film and media landscape and aims to showcase the talents of Asian-Canadian and Asian-American artists in film. We also hope to give local filmmakers and film professionals another place to connect with each other and gather as a community.

FascinAsian is inclusive and open to audiences of all backgrounds and looks forward to sharing these stories and experiences with all members of society.

FascinAsian is volunteer-run and depends on a combination of grants from public arts funders and contributions from corporate sponsors, as well as revenue generated from ticket and pass sales in order to operate.

Our Vision

FascinAsian Film Festival envisions a world where North American Asian storytellers, performers, and other film & media creatives have equal access to resources and opportunities to shape and enhance cultural understanding.

Our Mission

FascinAsian Film Festival (F3) is committed to promoting and celebrating Asian perspectives, culture and integrity in film and media. F3 works to foster understanding and appreciation of Asian arts and culture within the Canadian mosaic. F3 aims to highlight filmmakers, performers and other media arts creatives from the Asian diaspora. F3 strives to create programming that inspires, educates, and brings the community together in appreciation of the artform and its collective effort.

Our Goals

  • To share and highlight stories from the Asian diaspora and feature Asian talent from Canada and around the world.
  • To educate and inform audiences about the unique Asian-Canadian experience.
  • To offer unique opportunities for education and training in film and media.
  • To create an inclusive, safe and fun environment for Asian artists to share and celebrate their work.
  • To create meaningful dialogue about issues of equal opportunity and equity in the media arts.
  • To build bridges within the community through partnerships and collaboration.
  • To facilitate a multi-day festival of events, supporting these goals.
  • To operate an organization that will be fiscally and ethically responsible and sustainable.

Meet The Board

Alan Wong

Alan Wong is a founding member of the FascinAsian Film Festival and the Festival Manager of the Gimli Film Festival. He also serves as Vice-President of the ACTRA Manitoba branch council. Alan holds an Arts & Cultural Management Certificate from the University of Winnipeg and a Music degree from Brandon University.

Judy Eng-Hum

Judy is an active member of the Calgary community and supporting the arts by volunteering and encouraging others to get involved. She is an advocate for entrepreneurship and business mixed with her passion for advancing opportunities for youth and Asian talent. She is excited to support the mandate of FascinAsian as a board member and support the festival offerings in Calgary.

Jié Yang

Jié Yang has over 12 years combined experience in event planning, website design, and social media coordination with organizations such as the University of Manitoba Arts Student Council, Canadian Teochew Chinese Association of Manitoba, and the Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba. He is passionate about positive and diverse representation in media.

Maria Cristina

MC (Maria Cristina) de Natividad is an emerging filmmaker residing in Treaty 1 territory/Winnipeg. She has over a decade of digital storytelling experience which includes video production. Originally from the Philippines, de Natividad is interested in exploring the topics of lost and reclaimed culture and identity. Outside of filmmaking, she has worked in the financial institution industry since 2017 and has experience managing and overseeing large budgets.

Jessica Gibson

Jessica is a manager of programs and development at the National Screen Institute. Prior to that she spent the last decade building a successful career as a film and television producer and production manager.

Yenny Trinh

Yenny is corporate commercial lawyer at Mercado Trinh Law LLP. She is a passionate leader in her community, and she believes in representation, equitable access, and inclusion. Over the years, Yenny has been a board member of various non-profit and charitable organizations in Winnipeg. She is presently the President of the Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba.

Karen Remoto

Karen Remoto is one of the co-founders of FascinAsian Film Festival and has worked in the film industry for over 10 years. She was the Education Program Coordinator for Winnipeg Film Group for 3 years and is now a freelance sound recordist on indie productions. Currently, she is writing a rock opera for the Manitoba Underground Opera, producing short films and shooting super 8 film. Her artistic collaborations focus on highlighting women/non-binary and BIPOC individuals to express their creative, personal stories within the local community.

Max Hum

I have a love for film, culture, and storytelling. At 14, I got my first DSLR camera and for that whole day all my photos were overexposed or blurry. I eventually figured out how to use ISO, shutter speed, aperture and in doing so I learned so much more. I fell in love with storytelling through visuals. I’m excited to help Fascinasian showcase asian culture and films to Calgary’s curious.

Justin Sugita

Justin Sugita is an IT professional and a passionate individual about multiculturalism in our growing society. While volunteering with the community since 2010, to help promote the art and cuisine of a wide range of cultures and events. Justin will be helping out with the team by sharing his passion with everyone.

Meet The Team

Alex Wong

Alex Wong is a creative superhero with an artist’s eye and a programmer’s acuity. Alex has helped businesses large and small reach their marketing potential with creative direction, graphic design and web development. When not generating pixels or wrangling code, Alex enjoys fitness, science, technology and where they intersect with current events. Learn more at

Ray Gee

Ray is a curious, adventurous free spirited engineer who has lived and worked around the globe and is constantly instilling a travel bug in his family and friends. He is an active volunteer and mentor in organizations supporting youth and immigrants. As a relationship builder, a connector, and an advocate for the underdog, his passion for teaching personal finance to the underserved keeps him busy. Ray is an active ACTRA Alberta member. When he’s not busy with his passion, he enjoys being on sets for background roles on different projects including most recently, The Last of Us, Heartland Season 16, and Fargo Season 5.

Julia Zhu

Julia Zhu is a CPA candidate and working as Accounting Professional for couple years. Beside her daily work, she’s also a dance instructor and tea event planner. She is honoured to have participated in various local cultural events such as Asian Heritage Festival and Folklorama. Culture sharing is where Julia’s passionate about. Joining FascinAisan Film Festival is one of the best things she experienced in Calgary.

Leo Kwan

Leo is a newcomer when it comes to film and arts but when the opportunity to join the amazing FascinAsian team came up, he couldn’t say no. As his second year supporting the festival, Leo looks forward to helping grow and improve the festival in any way he can!

Tommy Inthirath

Tommy Inthirath is an award-winning Producer and Post-Production Editor based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After receiving his Broadcast Media Diploma, Tommy began to dedicate his time in the film industry and online content creation. He is the co-founder and Technical Coordinator of FascinAsian Film Festival. A film festival dedicated to promoting and celebrating Asian perspectives, culture and integrity in film and media.

Jean-Jacques Javier

Jean-Jacques Javier has been involved with the Winnipeg film community for 13 years. A local filmmaker, a published writer, and a valued member of The Acting studio Winnipeg as a coach and a mentor. Jean-Jacques entire life has been about film and media.