FascinAsian Film
Festival 2021

A three-day festival of films and events, celebrating the stories and perspectives of Asian-Canadian filmmakers from Winnipeg, Calgary and abroad!

May 28th 2021 @ 4PM

A Conversation With MFM

May 28th 2021 @ 7PM

Things I Do For Money

May 28th 2021 @ 8:30PM

Q&A With Warren P. Sonoda

May 29th 2021 @ 10:30PM

Martial Arts Fight Choreo Workshop

FascinAsian - Be Water

May 29th 2021 @ 12PM

Special Film – Be Water

FascinAsian - How To Make A Successful Short Film

May 29th 2021 @ 1:30PM

How To Make A Successful Short Film

May 29th 2021 @ 3:30PM

Manitoba Shorts In Competition

FascinAsian - Canadian Shorts Program

May 29th 2021 @ 5PM

Canadian Shorts Program

FascinAsian - Queen Of The Morning Calm

May 29th 2021 @ 7PM

Queen Of The Morning Calm

FascinAsian - Q&A With Gloria Kim

May 29th 2021 @ 8:30PM

Q&A With Gloria Kim

FascinAsian - A Conversation With Chelsey Mark

May 30th 2021 @ 11AM

Info Session With Chelsey Mark

FascinAsian Film Festival Awards 2021

May 30th 2021 @ 2PM

FascinAsian Awards 2021