FascinAsian - Vengeance - Poster

Director: Chelsey Mark & Melissa Van Soelen
Runtime: 3 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2020
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: After burying a man he accidentally killed, Ted becomes increasingly disturbed by a paranormal presence.

Writers: Chelsey Mark & Melissa Van Soelen
Producer: Chelsey Mark
Director of Photography: Melissa Van Soelen
Editors: Chelsey Mark & Melissa Van Soelen
Music & Sound Effects: Audio Blocks, Free Sounds
Sound: Melissa Van Soelen
Cast: Chelsey Mark as Ted, Melissa Van Soelen as Twylla

FascinAsian - Chelsey Mark

Bio: Chelsey Mark is an actor, writer, filmmaker and host. He has booked roles on Amazon Prime’s Tales from the Loop (2019), CBC’s Burden of Truth (2019), APTN’s Tribal (2019) and feature film The First Encounter (2019). Chelsey was selected for the Whistler Indigenous Fellowship at the Whistler Film Festival (2019) and was a finalist in the Gimli Film Festivals RBC Pitch Competition (2020) for his short, The Callback. Chelsey has received funding to write the 1st draft of his feature film Skate like a Girl. His short Vengeance (2020) Won Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best actor in the Winnipeg Film Groups 48-hour film competition.

FascinAsian - Melissa Van Soelen

Bio: Melissa Van Soelen – Producer/Assistant Editor – Melissa Van Soelen Digital Media ServicesMelissa Van Soelen worked as an independent producer, director, and as a production manager on the hit Animal Planet documentary series “Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet” – season two. She was the Unit Manager on “Omega Man: A Wrestling Love Story” for TSN’s “Engraved On A Nation” documentary series. Melissa has worked on multiple commercials and documentaries. She recently Produced and Directed the Documentary Short “Why are you here?” (2020) and was the co-director and director of photography on the short thriller film “Vengeance” (2020). Melissa is currently working as a mixed media artist creating her first Stop Motion Experimental Documentary titled “Without You”.