FascinAsian - Tik Tok 101

Learn how to get started on the fastest growing social media platform in the world! Representatives from Tik Tok Canada will explain how to get started, what works, and lots of useful tips and information on making this powerful creative tool work for you!

FascinAsian - Jessica Gibson


Jessica has built a successful career as a film and television producer and production manager since transitioning from her role in front of the camera as an actor to behind the scenes over 10 years ago.

She has extensive experience managing televised live events, including the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards and Indigenous Day Live. She was an associate producer on the award-winning We Were Children for the National Film Board and produced the short films Platypus (dir. Trevor Kristjanson) which received funding from BravoFact and Tides (dir. Rowan Grey) which received funding from Harold Greenberg Fund.

In her spare time, she and her dog Pepper are a volunteer St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog team.

FascinAsian - Blair McGregor


Blair was born and raised in Toronto and has spent the better part of her career working in the community building space, both online and offline at companies like Soho House, Kit and Ace, Hudson’s Bay, Métier Creative and now TikTok. She currently sits on the Content Partnerships team as a Partner Manager at TikTok Canada, specifically working with Canadian creators in the entertainment and comedy verticals. She loves helping creators find their voice on TikTok and grow their audiences, and feels blessed to be able to work with some of Canada’s top talent everyday.

FascinAsian - Lindsay Lynch


Lindsay leads partnerships with creators and public figures at TikTok Canada. In this role, she aims to support and elevate Canadian talent throughout their journey on the platform – from just starting out to reaching millions of fans globally. Her For You Page is currently a mix of music theory, ’90s nostalgia, and home decor. Prior to joining TikTok, Lindsay managed partnerships and content strategy at Shopify, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.