FascinAsian - Things I Do For Money

Director: Warren P. Sonoda
Runtime: 89 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2019
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Two Japanese-Canadian cello-playing brothers inadvertently steal a bag of money – and all the woes that go along with it – from a lethal Vancouver hit man. Through a confluence of events and massive bad luck, they also have to save their father’s life, steal an $8 million dollar painting and fight for their lives to get into a prestigious music conservatory. Along the way they discover that everyone has a price and that family never bails on family, no matter the cost.

Written By: Gary Nolan & Warren P. Sonoda
Produced By: Avi Federgreen, Emily Andrews, Jen Pogue, Laura Nordin
Director of Photography: Christoph Benfey
Editor: Anna Catley
Actors & Music Composers: Maximilian and Theodor Aoki

FascinAsian - Warren P. Sonoda

Bio: BAFTA-winning and Emmy and CSA-nominated filmmaker Warren P. Sonoda is known for directing his features Coopers’ Camera, Swearnet: The Movie, Ham & Cheese, the iconic TV shows Trailer Park Boys, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Murdoch Mysteries, Odd Squad, Utopia Falls and over 160 music videos, 80 episodes of TV and 11 feature films. Japanese-Canadian Sonoda is also the first person of colour to be elected as the National President of the Directors Guild of Canada in 2020, sits on the Visioning Board of BIPOC TV & Film, is Chair of the Canadian Film Fest, knocked Martin Scorsese out of the Guinness Book of World Records, has a medal from the Queen, has a rescue dog from Mexico named Scruffie and is thrilled to unveil his new genre-bending passion-project crime/cello/caper movie Things I Do For Money at the FascinAsian Film Festival in 2021.

In partnership with the Director’s Guild of Canada Manitoba District Council, FascinAsian Film Festival 2021 proudly presents: Things I Do For Money