FascinAsian - Rising From Refuge - Poster

Director: Sidney Phommarath
Runtime: 4 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2020
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Sidney Phommarath documents her family’s experience as Lao refugees through photographs and archival footage. This film follows the family from Laos, to Thailand and their escape from forced enlistments and prison camps. Finally they are given the promise of safety in Southern Manitoba, only to be confronted with racial discrimination and further hardship. After 40 years of resilience, this family has planted its roots and found a home within Canada’s borders. This film is about remembering your origins, all while honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Producer: Robin Summerfield

FascinAsian - Sidney Phommarath

Bio: Sidney Phommarath is a Lao-Canadian artist and filmmaker from Winnipeg. She is a university student studying film, and human rights, and is focused on documentary filmmaking. Her passion for social justice stems from her family’s refugee experience.