FascinAsian - Not You - Poster

Director: Alex Nguyen
Runtime: 6 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2018
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: “Not You” follows Alex and Jared as they navigate a college party, drifting apart and facing rejection on their journey to try to feel accepted by their peers. Alex has feelings for a boy named Chris at the party, but when his dreams come true it all comes crumbling down.

Screenwriter: Alex Nguyen
Director: Alex Nguyen & Thomas Hanan
Producer: Charl Boettger
Cinematographer: Mitch Rear
Assistant Director: João Ramos
Lighting: Brenden Loewen
Editor: Thomas Hanan
Sound Recorder/Editor: Sam Cahatol
Cast: Alex Nguyen as Alex, Jack Maier as Jared, Evan Martin as Chris

FascinAsian - Alex Nguyen

Bio: Alex Nguyen is a freelance filmmaker and a founder of an upcoming production company, Aggressive Alpaca Productions and part of Winnipeg based production company, Ode Productions.

Throughout his childhood, Alex never saw characters that he could be inspired by, but, this changed with the release of “Crazy Rich Asians.” This created a drive to bring inclusivity and diversity within film, so anyone can look up at the screen and find themselves within the story.

Besides creating films Alex is also a Winnipeg-based drag queen that fights evil by moonlight, wins love by daylight, she never runs from a real fight! She is the one named Ruby Chopstix!