FascinAsian - Nene - Poster

Director: King Louie Palomo
Runtime: 17 Minutes
Language: Tagalog, Subtitled

Year of Release: 2020
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Nene is an accomplished and retired painter in her eighties. Her daughter and grandson travel from the city to see her, but unknown to her family, Nene is attempting to finish the final painting of her lifetime.

Writer: King Louie Paloma
Executive Producer: King Louie Palomo, Brian Patrick Lim, Dani Alvardao
DOP: Brian Patrick Lim
Editor: Julian Figueroa

Bio: King Louie is a Queer, Filipino-Canadian, filmmaker committed to uncompromising visions that challenge conventional paradigms. He works to encourage dialogue and foster community through producing films and other media forms. Over the past five years, King created films that have been screened at local and international film festivals.