Join us for a special virtual workshop experience! Sonny Ayson and Anthony Javier will dissect fight scenes from their films and show participants how to execute those awesome-looking moves, safely and effectively. Even though current public health orders prevent us from gathering to practice these same moves, that doesn’t mean you can’t go through the motions from the safety of your own home! Not only will Sonny and Anthony’s analysis and demonstrations be informative and educational, but this unique discussion should be interesting and entertaining as well!

Streaming live on the FascinAsian Facebook page, and FascinAsian YouTube channel!

Afterwards, watch “Be Water”! A new documentary about the Kung Fu legend, Bruce Lee! (Available to stream on our festival VOD platform)

FascinAsian - Sonny Ayson


Sonny has been coaching, training and competing in martial arts for 20+yrs. Starting at 13 yrs old with Wushu (Kung Fu) and then branching out to other disciplines such as boxing, gymnastics, plus many other martial arts. Wushu has brought him across the world, training at Shi Sha La collage in Beijing, where legends such as Jet Li and Donnie Yen trained. He also competed Nationally and Internationally placing top 10 in his divisions and is well known across Canada in the Wushu community. Sonny was the fight coordinator for, and appeared in two of Kyle Wong’s films “Vendetta” and “the Line”. He has done countless shorts with action actor Anthony Javier and appears in his film “the Kill-Switch”.

When it comes to coaching he takes a very scientific approach to all his movement and training. Insuring all his movement and his peer’s movements are all safe.

FascinAsian - Anthony Javier


Anthony Javier is a local independent stunt performer, actor and filmmaker. Born and raised in Winnipeg he grew up watching a lot of Jackie Chan and other martial art films which made him want to create and become part of his own films. He has trained in many things like gymnastics, fencing, taekwondo, and used to fight as an amatuer boxer. Some examples of his are ‘Got Rice?’, ‘Kuya’ and his recent film ‘The Kill-Switch’.