FascinAsian - Macaroni Soup

Director: Alayna Y
Runtime: 6 Minutes 6 Seconds
Language: Chinese (Cantonese) & English

Year of Release: 2021
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: A young woman falls in love with a waitress in a greasy-yet-nostalgic Hong Kong-style cafe, but a language gap divides the two – or is there something more?

Composer: James P
Sound: Alayna Y & Doug Paterson
Background Artists: Christy Chan, Frog K, Vy (Fern) Le, Chu Wei (Weiwei) Wu
Colourists: Frog K, Chu Wei (Weiwei) Wu
Cantonese Language Consultant: Christy Chan

FascinAsian - Alayna Y

Alayna Y

Alayna is a digital artist and animator who specializes in making soup. That is, she throws (the figurative concept of) people, places, and things that make up the world around her into a simmering pot of creations. Whether it be a flavor everyone knows, or a soup only she could enjoy, Alayna will always make the soup she wants. As a not-quite-Vancouver based artist, much of Alayna’s work takes place on traditional Katzie First Nation land.
Also, Alayna’s brother took that photo of her. He’s also available for freelance jobs.

Director Statement: I’m of the camp that if you combine a bunch of things that you like, you’ll come out with something that you super-duper like. I like stories about food, women, and language, so I threw that all together along with some diasporic memories of Hong Kong culture and out came Macaroni Soup. The taste might be new, or maybe it’s a flavour only I would like, but no matter – feel free to have a bowl!