FascinAsian - Lota Vacation

Director: Omar Lucman
Runtime: 14 Minutes 12 Seconds
Language: English

Year of Release: 2021
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Frustrated with his Muslim friends and their assimilation into western culture, Omar makes an impromptu trip to Pakistan.

Writers: Omar Lucman & Wasif Haseeb
Producers: Omar Lucman & Wasif Haseeb
Director of Photography: Wasif Haseeb
Composer: Omar Lucman
Editor: Wasif Haseeb
Sound Design & Sound Mixing: Omar Lucman

FascinAsian - Omar Lucman

Omar Lucman

Omar Lucman is a Pakistani-Muslim Independent Film Director and Writer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Sociology. His honours thesis is entitled “Anti-Muslim Discrimination in the Media and its Impact on Canadian Muslims.” His scholarly interest in social issues affecting Muslims continues as he is currently writing his MA thesis on the representation of Muslims in film. His focus on media studies is fueled by his decade-long experience in video production. In addition to writing and directing, Omar is also skilled at sound design and music composition and pays careful attention to sound as an anchor that is integral to a film’s emotional resonance.