FascinAsian - In A Moment's Notice - Poster

Director: Alec Carlos
Runtime: 8 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2021
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: At the start of a very normal day, Atlas is heckled by his brother, Jonny, into showing up at a family event later that night. Atlas is a bit snarkier and unenthusiastically agrees, as he hangs up on his brother, he gets another call. This time it is from his doctor who then tells Atlas that he has a form of pancreatic cancer. Atlas must go through all of the stages of grief and accept his situation in less than 12 hours. With his view of the world constantly shifting throughout the film, his childhood and fond memories (represented by an old toy) seems to be his only anchor in this scenario. He must overcome his grief enough to tell his family the news later that night.

Writer: Alec Carlos
Director of Photography: Renz Vallarta
Producer: Alec Carlos
Producer: Renz Vallarta
Cast: Alec Carlos, Kamal Chioua, Robert Nahum, Kristel Cruz, Sound by Carlo Cruz

FascinAsian - Alec Carlos

Bio: Alec Carlos is an actor, filmmaker, writer, and musician based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has been writing, filmmaking and editing since childhood, and has entered the industry via acting in productions such as Amazon Prime’s Tales from the Loop, Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott’s Tales from the Hood 3, as well as the upcoming prequel to 2009’s Orphan, Orphan: First Kill.