Director: Joanne Roberts
Runtime: 3 Minutes
Language: English & Tagalog

Year of Release: 2021
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Is beauty only skin deep? Award-winning Winnipeg filmmaker Joanne Roberts has been told her skin is too dark by other Filipinos. In her short film “I am”, Roberts probes the long-lasting effects of such comments on her self worth and her own struggles with shadeism in Filipino culture. She introduces Filipino food and their vast array of shades and compares them to the colour of her skin.

Screenwriter: Joanne Roberts
Producer: Joanne Roberts
Lead Cast: Joanne Roberts
Director of Photography: Alexander Decebal-Cuza
Production Co: The Ordinary Film Co
Sound: Sam Cahatol
Grip: Kris Regacho

FascinAsian - Joanne Roberts

Bio: Joanne Roberts is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, writer and actress, best known for her short film series “I am” with CBC Creator Network. Her work revolves around shedding light on familial issues that are too often kept in the shadows due to societal and cultural stigma, with the hopes to encourage people to seek the help they need in understanding and improving their relationships and mental health. Her next film, “Anak”, is a story that evokes discussion concerning unhealthy family dynamics and attachments. Anak will premiere at the 2021 Gimli Film Festival as part of the Emerging Filmmakers Pitch Competition.