Join us for an engaging Q&A session with filmmaker Gloria Kim, hosted by ACTRA Manitoba member, Stephanie Sy. Stephanie and Gloria will discuss the various topics explored in Gloria’s film Queen of the Morning Calm. In the aftermath of the Atlanta shootings and the wave of recent Anti-Asian hate, the discussion of cycles of poverty experienced by many Asian immigrants, stories of the Asian diaspora, and the subject of Asian fetishism is as relevant as ever.

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FascinAsian - Jessica Gibson


Jessica has built a successful career as a film and television producer and production manager since transitioning from her role in front of the camera as an actor to behind the scenes over 10 years ago.

She has extensive experience managing televised live events, including the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards and Indigenous Day Live. She was an associate producer on the award-winning We Were Children for the National Film Board and produced the short films Platypus (dir. Trevor Kristjanson) which received funding from BravoFact and Tides (dir. Rowan Grey) which received funding from Harold Greenberg Fund.

In her spare time, she and her dog Pepper are a volunteer St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog team.


Jim Agapito is an award-winning, Filipino filmmaker who grew up in Winnipeg’s ’90s music scene. Through this time, Jim learned to channel his energy and enthusiasm into a DIY work ethic that has served him throughout his life. Jim has been creating films for over 15 years, making videos for a variety of clients around the world. Jim is intent on integrating his two great passions — culture and music. Jim has also built strong connections to a variety of communities across Winnipeg.

He has worked with immigrants and refugees in the inner city, in the film department at the University of Manitoba, social and health care workers in Winnipeg’s North End, boxers at his local gym (which he is currently coaching an Olympic hopeful for Liberia) and a variety of musicians and visual artists. Jim understands perspective and has the ability to tap into universal themes in his work. Jim is dedicated to storytelling. In the past, he’s been an on-air cultural affairs correspondent for CBC’s The Weekend Morning show and defunct The (204). He understands how to connect with people and make them feel at ease. He also sings in a punk band with Juno/Grammy winners/nominees and loves his mother.

FascinAsian - Ian Bawa


In 2007, Ian Bawa, a born and raised Winnipegger, switched paths in becoming a lawyer to pursue a career in filmmaking. As a graduate of the University of Winnipeg Film program, Ian’s bachelor film ‘Offline’ (a co-production between University of Winnipeg and multiple German Art Universities) was met with great success and toured around the world, winning at festivals such as Yorkton Film Festival and Fargo Film Festival. Ian’s film career started out interning with FilmTraining Manitoba in the lighting department and working in every department a set (both big and small) can offer from there. This allowed Ian to learn, appreciate, and understand every aspect of filmmaking and become a Swiss army knife of skills and knowledge when producing on and off set. Since then, Ian has produced, directed, and worked on a number of features, short films, documentaries, music videos, and a variety of other projects.

His past work has won him many accolades and recognition locally and around the world, and has been written about in publications such as Ain’t it Cool News, The AV Club, and was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick for his film ‘The Champ’. His film, ‘Imitations’, premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival with great acclaim, and toured globally from there, playing at festivals such as Vancouver International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, and many others. Ian’s film, ‘Tapeworm’, premiered recently at this year’s 2019 Vancouver International Film Festival and 2020 SlamDance Film Festival. His latest film ‘Strong Son’ premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival, and will premiere later this year at the 2021 Aspen Shortsfest.

FascinAsian - Joanne Roberts


Joanne Roberts is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, writer and actress, best known for her short film series “I am” with CBC Creator Network. Her work revolves around shedding light on familial issues that are too often kept in the shadows due to societal and cultural stigma, with the hopes to encourage people to seek the help they need in understanding and improving their relationships and mental health. Her next film, “Anak”, is a story that evokes discussion concerning unhealthy family dynamics and attachments. Anak will premiere at the 2021 Gimli Film Festival as part of the Emerging Filmmakers Pitch Competition.

FascinAsian - Vincent Tang


Vincent Tang is an independent filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Vincent finished post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba, earning a Bachelors of Environmental Design and Masters of Landscape Architecture. Vincent’s great passion for film has led him to forgo a promising career in landscape architecture to pursue his dream of being a cinematographer.

He is currently a member of the IATSE 856 art department. Using his architectural background, he works as an Assistant Art Director and Set Designer in film and television production. He is also an independent cinematographer and filmmaker, in which several short films have gone to international screenings.