FascinAsian - Homewater - Poster

Director: Aidan Chan
Runtime: 7 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2020
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: “Homewater” depicts the life of two city boys who are in love with the outdoors. Sharing similarities in both name and family background, their passion for fishing takes them to one of their hometowns on Vancouver Island. Travelling alongside an ocean run of salmon, what begins as a chase to catch the fish of a lifetime, turns into a journey about discovering more of their Asian-Canadian identities and what it means to truly be one with nature.

Producer: Aidan Chan
Starring: Aidan Cudmore
Sound Mixing: Daniela Pinto
Colourist: Joel Rodriguez

FascinAsian - Aidan Chan

Bio: Born and raised in Vancouver, Aidan Chan aims to bring people closer to their surrounding nature through film, music, and other forms of creative arts. An Asian Studies and Film major at the University of British Columbia, he hopes to share his and other’s experiences to celebrate Asian narratives on the big screen as he develops his career in film and acting.