FascinAsian - Careers In Film

Interested in a Career in Film? Come listen to film professionals talk about their careers, the paths they took to get there, some of the challenges, and some of the perks! This informative panel will get you excited about the possibilities and who knows? Maybe you’ll be sharing your experience with our audiences one day!

FascinAsian - Alan Wong


Alan Wong is a founding member of the FascinAsian Film Festival and the Executive Director of the Gimli International Film Festival. He also serves as President of the ACTRA Manitoba Branch Council. Alan holds an Arts & Cultural Management Certificate from the University of Winnipeg and a music degree from Brandon University.

FascinAsian - George Orallo


George Orallo is an Editor, Director and Producer, known for Producing and “Closing Time: The Vanishing Prairie Beverage Room” Documentary, and recently he has Directed Indie films “Richard the 3rd” and Co-Directed “The Caper” and “Five True Friends” George has been involved the Winnipeg TV and Film Industry industry for over 20 years, he has works with many Local Productions Company like Frantic Film and Farpoint Films on TV series, MOWs and Feature Films. He is currently involved on a feature film withect Julijette Inc. and a SitCom for CTV and APTN.

FascinAsian - Jesse Miki


Jesse Miki has been working in the film industry for about 7 years, starting as a graphic artist and then eventually moving up to art director. He’s worked on dozens of movies, and loves doing it because there is always something new to learn and do.

FascinAsian - Diana Kim


Diana Kim has been working in Film & Television for over 5 years. She got her start writing the award winning web series “Jenny & Jeff” and has worked in various departments, working mainly as an Assistant Director. Her work includes a variety of genres for everything from independent projects to big budget Hollywood films.