FascinAsian - Bakla - Poster

Director: Jim Agapito
Runtime: 7 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2019
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: Ally Gonzalo takes you inside his Bakla! series of portraits, commissioned for CBC Arts and CBC Manitoba as part of CBC’s Creator Network. You’ll hear the stories — from the triumphant to the tearjerking — of bakla folks about coming out to their families and friends and settling into their own skin and identity. And you’ll hear about the relationship Gonzalo himself has had with the term “bakla.”

Writer/Producer: Jim Agapito
Photographer: Ally Gonzalo
Producer: Robin Summerfield (CBC)
Director of Photography: Paul Stabell
Editor: Matt Purchase
Sound: Ryan Nash
1st AD: Aleksandra Osipova

Bio: Jim Agapito is an award-winning, Filipino filmmaker who grew up in Winnipeg’s ’90s music scene. Through this time, Jim learned to channel his energy and enthusiasm into a DIY work ethic that has served him throughout his life. Jim has been creating films for over 15 years, making videos for a variety of clients around the world. Jim is intent on integrating his two great passions — culture and music. Jim has also built strong connections to a variety of communities across Winnipeg. He has worked with immigrants and refugees in the inner city, in the film department at the University of Manitoba, social and health care workers in Winnipeg’s North End, boxers at his local gym and a variety of musicians and visual artists. Jim understands perspective and has the ability to tap into universal themes in his work. Jim is dedicated to storytelling. In the past, he’s been an on-air cultural affairs correspondent for CBC’s The Weekend Morning show and defunct The (204). He understands how to connect with people and make them feel at ease. He also sings in a punk band with Juno/Grammy winners/nominees and loves his mother. He is the creator and host of the upcoming CBC podcast called Recovering Filipino which deals with Jim’s reconnection with his Filipino culture and identity.