Director: Nathan Flores
Runtime: 9 Minutes
Language: English

Year of Release: 2020
Country of Origin: Canada

Description: A young girl struggles to come to terms with finding her own place in life after losing her sister. Being overwhelmed with grief, we follow the story of how the girl wishes to fulfill her sister’s dream of creating 1000 origami cranes to be granted any wish she wants, in hopes to receive any form of closure or even one last moment with the one person she loves the most.

Writer/Producer/DOP/Editor: Nathan Flores
Music: Joachim Heinrich
Cast: Kristian Cahatol, Estrella Luna

Bio: Nathan Flores is a 19 Year Old Filmmaker, pursuing film at the age of 15. Being part of the Sisler CREATE program, Nathan’s love for film continued to grow as he explored different areas of the art form. Nathan has worked on various projects, ranging from freelance videography and editing, to writing, shooting, directing, and colouring films that have won awards such as Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography, Best Young Filmmaker, and a nomination for the 64th Annual CSC Awards for his latest short, “1000 Paper Cranes”. In the future, Nathan hopes to work as a director, writer, cinematographer and colourist in many areas such as commercial, narrative shorts, features, and more.