FascinAsian - Nai Nai

Director: Hsiu Hsiu Lin, Minori Uemura
Runtime: 6 Minutes 19 Seconds
Language: Chinese (Mandarin) w/ English Subtitles

Year of Release: 2021
Country of Origin: United States

Description: 奶奶 (Nai Nai) means grandma in Mandarin. Our film is about a Chinese grandmother named YuQian, who suffered an emotional trauma during her childhood and developed a severe hatred towards the Japanese. One day, her granddaughter, Mei, introduces her Japanese fiancé, Ken, to YuQian. As Ken is Japanese, Yuqian’s memories of her trauma resurfaces, forcing her to face her past.

Writer: Hsiu Hsiu Lin
Producer: Hsiu Hsiu Lin, Minori Uemura

FascinAsian - Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Hsiu Hsiu is currently an artist living in the Bay Area. She works as a 2D designer at a tech company. In her spare time, she likes to pleinair paint and draw comics.

FascinAsian - Minori Uemura

Minori Uemura

After graduating from San Jose State in 2021, Minori started their animation career as a freelance-2D animator and has worked on some indie projects and Anime TV Shows.