Saturday, May 29th @ 5:00PM


Presented in partnership with Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, and Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

Join us for an introspective selection of shorts curated by the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival and Vancouver Asian Film Festival. Four films from Reel Asian’s Unsung Voices program, and four from VAFF’s Deep in Your Mind program. This collection of films showcases a broad range of talent from emerging Asian-Canadian filmmakers and performers.

Teach Me How To Disappear

Director: Angelina Guo


Director: Kim Hayung

How You See Me

Director: Maryanna Chan

Deeper I Go

Director: Michael P. Vidler


Director: Aidan Chan


Director: King Louie Palomo

Christopher Kim

Director: Joshua Maikawa

Cacti & Weed

Director: Zoe Ho